About Us

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Our Philosophy and Mission

Welcome to the World of Remote Learning.  Our mission is to create a virtual educational, creative community that will engage and excite young minds, through participation in children’s favorite literacy, three day, workshops.  We will focus on helping your child to develop a love for reading, through sharing a variety of favorite literacy texts.  Our story time program will highlight and celebrate the works of children’s authors such as, Eric Carle, Lois Ehrlet, Robert Munsch, Kevin Henkes, Eve Bunting, Pat Hutchins, Kimberly and James Dean, and other writers of fine children’s literature.


Our focus is to provide a learning journey, for our story time emergent readers, through our virtual shared read aloud program.  Our nurturing educators will ignite and inspire wonder, excitement, curiosity and creativity in the young scholars that join our three day, 30 minute, workshops.  Your child will be given the opportunity to travel and participate with us in a variety of enrichment and text extension activities, based on the theme of the read aloud text that week.


Our virtual literacy program is designed to empower and engage our young students, and provide them with the opportunities and materials to become problem solvers and critical thinkers.  Our educators are highly experienced, skilled New York State certified classroom instructors, that promote successful learning, through creating a warm. nurturing classroom family environment, with a strong focus on student's  inquiry skills. Our students are given the opportunity, during our literacy workshops, to build  strong relationship with their teachers and other student peers.  Students participate in active experiences that promote deep inquiry based questioning and encourages self expression. Your child will be provided with many opportunities to share his/her work leading to successful learning experience.