Our Staff

Our Directors, Ms. Mel and Ms. Lisa,  are highly effective, experienced, early childhood trained, New York State Certified Instructors. Our Directors are seasoned early childhood teachers, who have been supervising, teaching and engaging young scholars for many years.
We empower our students by introducing them to fine children's literature that inspires student interaction, promotes language and literacy skills.
Ms. Mel

Ms. Mel is a seasoned early childhood teacher who has a love for teaching young scholars.  She creates a friendly class community that promotes her students' curiosity, encourages exploration and discovery in many content areas that help to build primary skills.

Her Credentials:

  • NYS/NYC Dept of Ed Licensed Early Childhood Instructor

  • Masters plus 30 Credits in Early Childhood Ed

  • Facilitated classroom instruction grades PreK-2

  • Organized early childhood grade level instructional thematic planning, making connections into content areas of literacy, art, music, science and social studies.

  • Created early childhood centered learning environments where students engage in exploration and discovery.

  • Participated in Teacher's College professional development.  Trained and certified in the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction.

  • Organized professional development children's literature workshops for instructors modeling teaching and instruction with good children's literature.

Ms. Lisa

Ms. Lisa is an experienced early childhood education teacher who loves teaching.  She offers young students the opportunity to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.  She is a skilled classroom instructor who promotes successful learning through creating a warm, nurturing classroom family environment. 

Her Credentials:

  • NYS/NYC Dept of Ed Licensed Elementary Education, Literacy, and TESOL

  • NYS TESOL member/ELL Coordinator

  • Member of Advocacy Committee for NYS TESOL

  • Leads Professional Development sessions for classroom teachers

  • Participated in Teacher's College professional development sessions.

  • Experience in teaching for Remote Learning 

  • Collaborates and works with K-2 ELLs from a variety of diverse backgrounds in small groups.

  • Trained in the Orton-Gillingham Multi-Sensory Approach to Reading

  • Mentor ELL teacher for Student Teachers

  • Wrote Grants/Donors Choose Projects for her school

  • Her future goal is to become an ELL or Literacy Coach to help support classroom teachers and their students.